WhatsApp Business for Restaurants: A Guide to WhatsApp Restaurant [July 2023]

Stephanie Yap
June 8, 2023

WhatsApp has become a go-to communication tool for many businesses in the food and beverages (F&B) industry. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, this channel is a great option for connecting with customers and streamlining operations in the restaurant industry. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using WhatsApp Business for restaurants. Then we’ll explain how integrating it with a platform like can improve efficiency. We will also share some helpful tips for using WhatsApp in the context of the F&B business.

What is WhatsApp Business for Restaurants?

WhatsApp offers an easy-to-use interface and diverse functions. It is a great option for connecting with customers and streamlining operations.

Restaurants can offer personalized customer support using WhatsApp's direct messaging channel, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the following section, we will explore the advantages of using WhatsApp for restaurants and how it can improve the overall dining experience for customers.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Restaurants

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, with over 2 billion active users. Using WhatsApp for restaurant communication means tapping into a platform that a large portion of the global population is on the app.

WhatsApp enables personalized communication between restaurants and customers. This includes sending customized messages or offering recommendations based on customer preferences, leading to stronger customer relationships and ultimately more business for the restaurant.

This is an image that shows why it's beneficial for restaurants to use whatsapp. Firstly, it has a wide user base of over 2 billion active users. It also allows users to share information effortlessly and resolve issue quickly. Lastly, it's also a cost effective method for customers to send messages.
Benefits of using WhatsApp for restaurants

Unlike email, WhatsApp provides instant messaging capabilities, allowing immediate and direct communication between restaurants and customers. This empowers restaurants to effortlessly share promotions, menu updates and other information to boost sales.

Additionally, the instant nature of messaging on WhatsApp also enables quick problem-solving, such as resolving order issues or addressing customer concerns that may arise.

When using traditional channels like SMS, additional costs may incur for customers. However, messaging on WhatsApp is completely free for them. This cost advantage makes WhatsApp an even more attractive option for them to engage with your business.

Next, we will examine a real-life example of an F&B business that employs WhatsApp to improve its communication with clients.

How Color My Plate is Winning with WhatsApp

Color My Plate, a Dubai-based weekly meal subscription service faced the challenge of finding a scalable business messaging platform that could accommodate a growing volume of chats and support the expansion of their sales and support teams. They also needed a solution to reduce resolution times for inquiries and issues.

Color My Plate enhanced communication by connecting WhatsApp API, Facebook and Instagram to’s central inbox. They utilized’s Workflows automation to route and assign customers to the right agent. Meanwhile, managers gained real-time visibility and supervision capabilities for improved outcomes.

This is an image that show how color my plate uses whatsapp connected with to increase conversions.
How Color My Plate revamped customer conversations for 45% more conversions

The implementation of automated routing and assignment has significantly reduced the first response time from 3 minutes 15 seconds to 1 minute 56 seconds. Additionally, improved internal collaboration using’s tools has led to a remarkable 90% reduction in the resolution time.

In the next section, we will take a look at some methods that restaurants can adopt as their top practices when using WhatsApp to engage with customers.

How to Use WhatsApp for Restaurants

To leverage WhatsApp for your F&B business, it's important to understand the distinction between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp API. WhatsApp Business App is tailored for small restaurants, allowing you to connect up to 5 devices for free. Its automation is also limited to welcome and away messages.

For restaurant franchises and chains, these may not suffice. To enhance business processes and cater to multiple users, a WhatsApp API account is needed. However, do note that WhatsApp API does not provide a user interface and requires a messaging inbox to send and receive messages.

This is an image that shows how businesses can streamline their businesses with WhatsApp.
WhatsApp business for restaurants: How businesses can use WhatsApp to streamline their businesses

To start using WhatsApp, apply for a WhatsApp API account through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) and connect it to a messaging inbox. is both a WhatsApp BSP and an omnichannel customer conversation management software, enabling you to manage WhatsApp accounts and conversations in a single platform.

Now, let's explore how WhatsApp enhances communication between your restaurant and potential or existing customers.

WhatsApp Restaurant: Order Placement

F&B businesses can use WhatsApp Catalog to showcase their items. This allows customers to browse the menu, add items to their WhatsApp cart and confirm orders by messaging your business.

This is an image that shows how businesses can use whatsapp catalog to showcase their products,
Showcase F&B items by creating a WhatsApp Catalog on the WhatsApp Business App

However, in most countries, businesses must direct customers to a third-party payment gateway like Stripe to complete the transaction, as the in-app WhatsApp Pay is currently only available in limited countries, including India, Brazil and Singapore.

Furthermore, WhatsApp enables effortless order placement for pickup or delivery. Customers can send orders and receive updates, enhancing the experience and satisfaction.

WhatsApp for Restaurants: Table Reservation

You can also send reservation reminders to customers on your WhatsApp Business App. Customize the message to include the reservation date, time and location. Set up reminders to be sent a specific number of hours or days before the scheduled reservation.

Or better yet, integrate your preferred reservation software on an open API with WhatsApp API on With this integration, you can update customer data, create contacts and add reservation details, all while chatting with the customers.

WhatsApp Business for Restaurants: Event Planning

WhatsApp streamlines event planning by facilitating efficient communication between customers, event organizers and restaurants. Now, you can seamlessly coordinate with hosts, event planners and stakeholders, ensuring alignment on every aspect of the event.

Moreover, the integration of WhatsApp API with third-party platforms enables seamless management of crucial tasks such as handling contracts, agreements and order fulfillment. This integration enhances the efficiency of event planning, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the catering and events industry.

Next, we’ll delve into how restaurants can use WhatsApp API connected to make the most out of WhatsApp’s capabilities.

WhatsApp for Restaurants: Quick Wins with

To maximize the utilization of WhatsApp for restaurant chains or franchises, opting for WhatsApp API connected to unlocks advanced messaging capabilities.

This is an image that shows how restaurants can use to elevate their businesses. You can consolidate all communication channels, streamline operations with automation and send promotional messages.
How restaurants can use to elevate their business

This section will explore how restaurants can use WhatsApp API to their advantage with

WhatsApp Business for Restaurants: Consolidate All Communication Channels in an Omnichannel Inbox

Restaurants need a centralized inbox to handle all communication channels and avoid missing customer inquiries. Since restaurants may receive messages from different channels or multiple WhatsApp accounts for different branches, having a single inbox can help prevent missed messages.

This is a screenshot that shows how you can consolidate all communication channels in an omnichannel inbox.’s omnichannel inbox offers a solution for managing all customer inquiries across popular channels like Google Business Messages, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and more from one location. This guarantees a smooth customer experience while efficiently managing restaurant inquiries.
Whatsapp restaurant: Use an omnichannel inbox like’s omnichannel inbox offers a solution for managing all customer inquiries across popular channels like Google Business Messages, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and more from one location. This guarantees a smooth customer experience while effectively managing restaurant inquiries.

Drive All Conversations to One Inbox

Use’s link generator or QR code generator to encourage customers to initiate conversations. Restaurants can also use a WhatsApp widget or an omnichannel widget to convert website visitors to leads, ensuring all conversations flow into the centralized inbox.

Recognize Returning Contacts on Any Channel

Restaurants need to keep track of communication history and preferences when dealing with customers who have multiple inquiries. On top of that, customers may contact different branches or use various messaging channels, making it hard to organize their information and identify the same contact.

This is a screenshot that shows how you can use contact merge function on to recognize returning contacts and merges customer profiles and conversation histories into a single thread.
WhatsApp Business for restaurants: Fix contact duplication with contact merge provides a solution that can recognize returning customers, no matter which account or channel they use to message. It merges customer profiles and conversation histories into a single thread, so restaurants can provide personalized service every single time.

WhatsApp Restaurant: Automate Tasks with Advanced Automation

Many of the processes performed by restaurants can be automated with WhatsApp API and, especially if you’ve integrated your existing CRMs or third-party systems. Here are some examples you can use.

Send Order Updates with WhatsApp Notifications

Send automated updates whenever there’s a change in the order status, such as when the order’s confirmed, being prepared or out for delivery in real-time with WhatsApp Business notifications.

This is an image that shows restaurants can send order updates to customers with whatsapp notidication
WhatsApp food ordering system: Update customers about their orders on WhatsApp

Using integrations like Zapier or, you can trigger these notifications based on events in your restaurant's order management system to ensure that customers are always up-to-date about their orders. Plus, you can update customer information like their names and order details.

Integrate a Reservation System with WhatsApp to Simplify Table Booking

Through the Workflows automation builder, businesses can easily integrate their preferred software with WhatsApp API via HTTP Request. By automating the reservation process, you can handle a surge of bookings with minimal agent input, making it one of the most effective methods for managing reservations.

Answer FAQ Questions with a WhatsApp Chat Menu

Restaurants can also utilize a WhatsApp chat menu to address customer inquiries and enhance their dining experience. With the help of’s Workflows, restaurants can automate responses to commonly asked questions, such as operating hours, menu offerings and reservation options.

This is an image that shows you can answer faq questions with a whatsapp chat menu. With the help of’s Workflows, restaurants can automate responses to commonly asked questions, such as operating hours, menu offerings and reservation options.
WhatsApp ordering for restaurants: Address customer inquiries with WhatsApp Menu

With a chat menu, customers can select the information they need or be routed or assigned to the appropriate team or agent. This streamlines the customer support process, ensuring all customers are connected with the right person who can promptly address their needs and provide relevant assistance.

Gauge Customer Satisfaction via CSAT Surveys

With’s CSAT Workflow template, restaurants can seamlessly send surveys to customers who have dined in, ordered takeout or booked the venue, enabling them to rate their experience and provide valuable feedback.

This is a screenshot that shows how businesses can use a whatsapp chatbot for restaurants to send csat surveys
Food WhatsApp: Collect feedback with CSAT surveys

Restaurants can leverage the Workflow to store feedback in Google Sheets or their data warehouse. This allows for easy tracking and analysis, enabling continuous improvement in the quality of support services provided to customers.

WhatsApp Business for Restaurants: Send Promotional Messages

Finally, restaurant owners can use pre-approved WhatsApp Message Templates to send promotions or updates in bulk to customers. This includes seasonal promotions, limited-time offers, new menus or exclusive discounts for regular or inactive customers.

These Message Templates have to be submitted to WhatsApp via a WhatsApp partner like for approval. Having the right WhatsApp inbox simplifies the process and lets you create and manage your Message Template natively.

This is a  screenshot that shows how businesses can use whatsapp bot for restaurant orders to send promotional messages
WhatsApp food: Send promotional messages with Message Templates’s Broadcasts Module also allows you to import contacts, segment audiences, schedule broadcasts, clone recurring broadcasts and gain valuable analytics and insights for campaigns to make sending promotional messages easier than ever.

In summary, incorporating WhatsApp API into restaurants can enhance the communication process by catering to customers’ needs. Leveraging the capabilities of, restaurants can benefit from advanced automation and other valuable features, leading to a more efficient and seamless experience for all parties involved.

Want to start enjoying these benefits? Sign up for a free account and connect your WhatsApp API today.

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