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Schedule, target, and send WhatsApp broadcasts
Create chatbots and automate your business processes with workflows
Connect to WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram & More
Increase Your Agents Productivity with Respond AI
Integrate with your existing software & CRM
Multiple users to collaborate on a shared team inbox
Get the fastest and most cost-effective WhatsApp API for your business
24/5 customer support to help you get started with your WhatsApp API
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Advanced Features Created for Innovative Companies.
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No More Lag and Slow Downs

Connect more than 2+ WhatsApp Numbers. You don’t have to create another Sleekflow Account just to use multiple WhatsApp numbers.

No More Automation Rules

Are you tired of juggling dozens of automation rules and flow bots just to fulfil a simple use case? Try automation purpose-built for messaging.

Automation Built for Messaging

Our award-winning visual workflows builder handles automated messaging, routing, marketing campaigns & more all in one easy-to-use tool.

Contact Merge

Easily find and merge the same contact messaging from several channels to create a continuous view of all messages & events.

Pay For The Value You Create

Stop worrying about Contacts or User-based pricing as you scale and pay for just the customers you talk to within the month with our Monthly Active Contacts based pricing.

No More Deleting Contacts

We only believe in charging based on the value of talking to your customers which is why we only charge you based on Monthly Active Contacts so you never have to delete any contacts.

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Double the Features at Half the Price Team Plan
Sleekflow Pro Plan
Price for 10 users
Contacts Limit
Connected Channels
5 channels
Broadcast Channels
Broadcast Limit
Email Channel
Team Inbox
Custom Inbox
Contact Merge
5 Advanced Visual Workflows
10 Automation Rules only (Basic)
Shortcut Trigger
User Roles
Owner, Manager & Agent
Admin & Staff
Supervisor Dashboard
Support Channels
API Integrations
Notification Center

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